Baraginė village attractions

The monument dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the village of Baraginė

In commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the village of Baragine, a monument was erected to commemorate the anniversary of the initiative of the residents and community of the village of Baragine.

The monument was built and consecrated in 2007, during the Baraginė village event.

Baraginė village cross

In 1989, the cross of the village of Baraginė was made by the cross-maker J. Mickevičius. The place for this cross was chosen by the villagers, considering where to move the old village cross.

At the cross, various national holidays are celebrated, and litanies are sung on Sundays in May and June.

Sculpture "Caregiver"

In 2022, the sculpture "Caregiver" by Ramutis Karpavičius was erected on the side of the village, dedicated to the 245th anniversary of the village of Baraginė. This is a gift from the author on the occasion of the village anniversary.

The caretaker's eyes are directed towards the village and he is like a caretaker and fosterer of peace, protecting the village of Baraginė and its inhabitants from calamities and other evils.

Weathervane of Baraginė village community

Just as weather vanes have been considered a tool to determine the direction of the wind since ancient times, so the weather vane of the village community of Baraginė has a kind of symbolic meaning - as if the blowing winds invite you to return home, to your homeland. And the weathervane pole is decorated with the coat of arms of Baraginė village.

The author of the sculpture is Jonas Dulinskas.

The sculpture of Baraginis the dwarf

The dwarf Baraginis sculpture depicts the dwarf Baraginis who once lived in Baraginė. It is said that if you rub dwarfs' hands, even the biggest dreams of a person come true, but there is one condition for this - the most important thing is to believe in your dream.

The author of the sculpture is Ramutis Karpavičius.

Sculpture of the Queen of the Spruce Serpents

The sculpture of the Spruce Queen of Snakes is based on the motifs of the fairy tale "The Spruce Queen of Snakes". The sculpture depicts a waiting Eglė, watching the pond in the centre of the village of Baraginė as if waiting for her Žilvinas with the foam of milk to come.

The author of the sculpture is Kęstutis Varnagiris.

Swan family sculpture

Artūras Zienka's swan family sculpture is based on the motifs of the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling". The sculpture depicts a family of swans, which shows family, community harmony and togetherness. For children, there is a swing on the sculpture that can be used.

Monument to the partisans Petras Šližauskas and Pypkė Arūnas

On 1948 January 23 around 10 p.m. In the village of Geležiniai, two partisans were shot - Petras Šližauskas and Pypkė Arūnas (commander of the 1st platoon of the 54th company - Uranus).

In memory of the partisans, a monument was erected at the place of their death.

A memorial stone in memory of Reverend Juozas Montvila

Juozas Montvila - priest, and press worker, known for his self-sacrifice during the sinking of the Titanic. When the Titanic was sinking, the priest gave up his place in the lifeboat and listened to confessions until the ship sank, reassuring friends of fate.

In 2012, a memorial stone was built and consecrated in memory of the priest in his hometown.

Wall painting "Our days are like a party, like cherry blossoms..."

This is a drawing by Ieva Olimpija Voroneckytė, which decorates the wall of the Marijampolė cultural centre's Baraginė unit. The drawing was created based on the motifs of Julija Daniliauskienė's paper clips.